Debt Validation

Debt Validation

It’s never something you want to experience; being contacted by a creditor or collection agency. If you have however found yourself in this circumstance, it’s extremely important to be sure that the contacting party, and debts are accurate and real.

If the debt is not yours, saying that it is can lock you into a possible battle that makes it almost impossible to remove the incorrect debt(s) from your credit score.

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More Info About Debt Validation

Creditors hire collection companies to collect debts for them, usually due to the fact that they simply don’t have resources to handle these delinquent accounts. When a creditor hires an agency, the debt(s) are then assigned to the collection agency. If the collection agency gets you to pay up, they score a percentage of those payments you send.

It’s important to know you have options. Remain calm at this time and contact us. Don’t second guess those creditors trying to get your information. Let our validation service give you peace of mind.